Sunday, September 7, 2008

Football Fun!!!

Football Fun!!!!

Not that watching the Patriots win is not entertaining enough, we had our own little show going on at the house today!!! Richard taught Sophia (while I was out last night and just Daddy was home :-)!! ) to put her feet up on her doll carriage while Richard pushes her around the house like a Maniac!! I was laughing so hard. I know it is not the safest thing but they had a blast!! ! It was SOOO much fun!!

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Tina Jenson said...

HAAA HAA HAAA!!! That is awesome!!! Gotta love when daddy is in charge!! How 'bout those patriots!! Not too shabby without Brady! Brandon got to watch the 2nd half on the computer. you'll have to let us know if you here anything about Brady's injury (not that we expect that Belichick to give ANY info! Thanks for the comical pictures! Love You, Miss YOu!! -Tina